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Downsizing is No Longer Just the Preserve of Retirees and Empty Nesters

March 31st, 2017 by


In today’s turbulent economic times, buying a smaller home can make a great deal of sense, whatever your age, income and personal circumstances. There was a time when the idea of downsizing might have seemed alien. Surely, we all go through life striving to make everything bigger and better? The thought of selling our four-bedroom detached home and moving into a ground-floor apartment was only something to be considered as we approached our twilight years.

Perhaps that was once the case, but in the flexible, yet more financially austere 21st century, downsizing is seen by more and more people as just another way of moving with the times and putting all of your assets to the best possible use. There are a whole variety of reasons downsizing makes sense, and here we take a look at a few of them.

Moving is cheaper and easier than ever

Today, nothing and nobody seems to stand still for long. The days of a family staying in the same house for decades, and sometimes for generations, are long gone. Whether you think that is a good thing or not, there is no doubt that it has made the whole concept of moving home far easier and less of an ordeal than it was for our parents and grandparents.

Shipping and logistics companies provide great deals for house movers to ship furniture quickly and safely, while finance companies can transfer your mortgage painlessly, because it is something they are doing every day.

Free up some equity

The obvious reason to downsize is to free up some equity that you might wish to spend elsewhere. There are a whole variety of reasons for this, applying to people of all ages and incomes. You might wish to make money on your property to put towards college fees for your kids or simply to allow you to move to a better or safer neighborhood.

Free up some time

A smaller home means there is less to keep clean and tidy, meaning more time for you to spend doing the things you enjoy.

Redefine yourself

Many of us feel we are defined by our homes, and some see that as an argument against moving. However, you can turn that on its head – at 50, you are no longer the same person you were at 25. Your downsize gives you a unique opportunity to create a home that is exactly the way you want it, for today and the years to come, not the years gone by.

Written by: Jess Walter for PakMail of Jonesboro Ar, 2017

Planning Your Summer

May 15th, 2015 by

military-shippingHappy Memorial Day!

Summer Time is almost HERE!!!!

The summer months seem to bring all sorts of activities and transitions, such as moving, ball games, vacations, art shows just to name a few! There are a few things we do here at PakMail that may help to alleviate some frustrations for you during the busy summer.

Such as, did you know…

We pack and ship art for art shows and galleries.

We can crate and/or freight those great deals you found at the antique action.

Your kid hits that ball so hard they broke the bat? No problem! We can package and ship it in for repairs for you.

We can ship your golf clubs or luggage ahead so they are there waiting on you – no dragging them to, from or through the airport! We can also provide you with a return label to ship your items back home when your vacation is over.

We have all the packaging and shipping supplies you’ll need for moving. We can also help you get your household items sent to your new location… including furniture!

PakMail is a full service packing and shipping company. If you need to get something from one place to the next, we can help! Not to mention, we are an authorized ship center for all the major carriers (FedEx, UPS, USPS, DHL). PakMail is here to help you take the hassles oluggageut of summer!


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Valentine Specials – Sweetheart Deals

January 24th, 2015 by

Valentine GiftPak Mail of Jonesboro your shipping and printing headquarters is offering some Sweetheart Deals now through Valentine’s Day on Framed Custom Canvas Prints. Send us a photo and we will print it and frame it for that very special gift.

Mention this post and receive and extra 10% off our already regular low prices. Pick the size you want and let our graphic designer make it one of a kind for that very special person.

We are your one stop shop for shipping, packaging, crating, freight, and printing. Pak Mail Jonesboro gives you choices of carriers like UPS, FedEx, USPS, and DHL all in one spot, no need to drive all over checking prices.

Pak Mail of Jonesboro can be your only stop!

As a bonus you can receive an extra 10% off shipping to help you get your gifts to your loved ones in time for Valentine’s Day. Drop in today and see all the services we have to offer!

2013 Military Friendly Franchise

May 14th, 2013 by

military-shippingWith Armed Forces Day and Memorial Day being this month, we would like to announce that Pak Mail was ranked in the top 10 percent of all franchises nationwide and named a 2013 Military Friendly Franchise by Victory Media, publisher of G.I. Jobs!

And… did you know that when we pack and ship a package for your military member, we include a 60 minute prepaid phone calling card? Compliments of Cell Phones for Soldiers and Pak Mail of Jonesboro.


Mother’s Day Shipping

April 16th, 2013 by

According to Wikipedia, “Mother’s Day is a celebration honoring mothers and motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society.”  Most of us have (or had) someone in our lives who filled that role for us.  They are that person who encourages us when others doubt us, who cheer us on when we are sure we will never make it, who tell us it will all be ‘okay’ when we think it’s the end of the world…  The person who kisses our boo boos, cries over a macaroni necklace, and can hit us with their flip flop at 100 yards!

No matter what sort of maternal influence we have had, there is no disregarding the value and importance the role of “mother” plays in each of our lives.  To be sure, we definitely want our tokens of affection to look great and arrive in a timely manner.  (And let’s face it; there are those whose gift wrapping skills leave a lot to be desired!)  Therefore, PakMail is the perfect answer!  They have a great card assortment, excellent gift wrapping skills, they’ll pack it, ship it and leave us with the security that mom will be smiling on her special day.

Valentine’s Day Shipping

January 16th, 2013 by

Valentine's ShippingAs we pass the middle of January, our thoughts begin to turn to the romantic season of February. Valentine’s Day… that time of year we express our undying love to that special “someone” in our life. Now, it has been said, some have a tendency to fail this litmus test of love! And that is where we come in. Here at Pak Mail, we carefully package your chosen gift of love, and can suggest the best options for it to arrive in a timely fashion. We also have a new assortment of some sweet cards for the occasion. Just be sure to bring your shipping items to us BEFORE Valentine’s Day so they can arrive on time… and YOU can stay out of the dog house!

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